Girl sitting on rock in flowerbed.Sarkeys Foundation Endowment Scholarship: The Sarkeys Foundation Endowment Scholarship is one of the university’s named scholarship endowments.

  • Eligibility: Students must achieve a minimum score of 500 on the GED examination
  • Preference: Given to students who have attended Adult Basic Education classes on the RSU Campus

ConocoPhillips Petroleum Opportunity Scholarship: Generously established by the Phillips Petroleum Company, the purpose of the ConocoPhillips Petroleum Opportunity Scholarship is to help Bartlesville area residents to improve their overall quality of life through higher education.

  • Eligibility: Bartlesville residents who are dedicated to the completion of their post-secondary education and are in need of financial assistance are encouraged to apply. Special consideration will be given to those whose children are currently attending Jan Phillips Elementary School in Bartlesville.

Dewey Spirit Scholarship at RSU: The Dewey Spirit Scholarship at RSU is paving the pathway to higher education for enthusiastic students, regardless of academic, social, or economic status, while setting an example of the importance and empowerment of philanthropy for future generations.