Important Information for Instructors

On-line Form: Please make sure the Testing Center Information Form is filled out in its entirety along with the method we should use to return the test. All tests and Testing Center related documents should be sent to [email protected].

Calculators: Indicate what kind of calculator is allowed or not allowed for test taking (basic, scientific, graphing). We have 5 basic calculators and 2 scientific calculators available for students to use.

Textbooks: Indicate if multiple textbooks can be used while taking the exam and be specific please.

Test Details: Inform students of the specifics of your tests before an exam; such as what is allowed, what to bring, how long they have to take the test, and the test dates to complete the exam.

Exam Adjustments: If you have already sent us your exam and need to make an adjustment (e.g. extending the testing window), just call or email the Testing Center with the adjustment, and we will update our records.       

ADA Accommodations: Please inform us who the accommodation is for and what is needed; such as extended time, how long, isolation room, ear plugs, dividers, etc. You are welcome to send/email us a copy of the student’s ADA form that we’ll keep specifically for testing purposes.

Sign-In form: We use a sign-in form if 5 or more students are scheduled to take an exam. 

  • If you choose “Method of Return” as Campus Mail or Pick-up, we will send back a copy of this form with the exam.
  • If you choose Email we will scan and email you the sign-in form.
  • If you choose No Return, we will keep the sign-in form here.
  • If you need to see a sign-in form you may stop by the Testing Center. We keep these forms (as well as the Testing Center Info Forms) through the following semester only.

Printing: We are not equipped for high-volume printing. If testing is needed for over 5 students, please provide us with the appropriate number of paper exams through Campus Mail, personal delivery, or through a student worker. We’ll gladly print for 5 students or less.

Final Exams: According to Students enrolled in classroom courses, will take final exams with their instructor during Final Exam Week, at scheduled days/times.