A.S., Business Administration: Management Info Systems Option B.S., Business Information Technology
Option: Computer Network Administration
Option: Software Development and Multimedia

What it takes to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Technology from RSU.

  • You must complete at least 124 credit hours to earn your degree. Of those hours, 60 must be from a university (4 year school), 40 must be junior or senior (3000/4000) level, and half of the hours in your major must be completed through RSU.
  • You must also meet English and computer proficiency requirements. This means that you must pass English Composition I and II with a “C” or better and pass the designated computer proficiency class.
  • Therefore, when you transfer to RSU, you will likely need to complete around 64 more hours in order to earn your four year degree.

How do my NEO A & M classes transfer to RSU?

  • Every class that you have completed at NEO will transfer to RSU. Each class will count as either general education, major, or free elective credit.
  • Free electives are extremely flexible and can be selected from any academic area. They allow you to explore your academic interests outside of your major while counting toward the 124 hours you need to graduate. Most degree programs at RSU allow for some free electives.
  • Any class completed at NEO that does not count toward general education or major credit will qualify as free elective credit, up to 64 hours.
  • If you have completed more than 60 hours at the associate degree level, all courses will transfer to RSU, but only 64 hours will apply to your degree. This is because you must complete 60 hours from a four-year institution to meet state requirements for graduation with a baccalaureate degree.
Courses to be Completed at NEO: 60 Total Hours
General Education Requirements: 38 Hours Program Requirements: 16 Hours
ENGL 1113 Freshman Composition I FYE 1011 Freshman Year Experience
ENGL 1213 Freshman Composition II ACCT 2103 Financial Accounting
HIST 1483/
American History ACCT 2203 Managerial Accounting
POLS 1113 American Government CS 2134 BASIC Programming
MATH 1513 College Algebra ECON 2013 Introduction to Macroeconomics
General Psychology -OR-
Introduction to Sociology
ECON 2023 Introduction to Microeconomics
    Approved Humanities (6 hours) Additional Hours as Directed by Advisor: 6 Hours
    Approved Lab Sciences (8 hours) CS 2423 Telecommunications and Networking
  CS 1313 Computer Concepts CS
Java Programming I  -OR-
Advanced Networking
Courses to be Completed at RSU: 64 Total Hours
General Education Requirements: 3 Hours Software Development & Multimedia Option: 12 Hours
     Approved Global Studies course Select form the following to equal 12 credit hours
Program Core Requirements: 22 Hours CS 3213 Multimedia Development
CS 2323 Programming II CS 3333 Object-Oriented Technology
CS 3223 Data Modeling CS 3423 Software Engineering
CS 3413 Systems Analysis CS 3523 Distributed Systems Development
CS 3623 Human-Computer Interface Development CS 4523 Advanced Web System Development
Programming I -OR-
Network Operating Systems
IT 3113 Integrated Applications
IT 3723 Computer Architecture IT 4313 Emerging Technologies
IT 4504 Practicum and Capstone Computer Network Administration Option: 12 Hours
Business Support Courses: 18 Hours Select form the following to equal 12 credit hours
BADM 2843 Business Statistics IT 3153 Network Operating Systems II
ENGL 3113 Advanced Technical Writing IT 3253 Advanced TCP/IP Administration
MATH* 2364 Analytical Geometry and Calculus II IT 3753 Network Security
MATH* 2464 Analytical Geometry and Calculus III IT 4113 Network Routing
MKT* 3113 Principles of Marketing IT 4313 Emerging Technologies
MGMT 3013 Principles of Management IT 4353 Information Assurance and Security Management
MGMT 3423 Management Information Systems IT 4373 Information Assurance Regulations and Ethics
Select one from the following:      
ACCT 3243 Accounting Information Systems      
MGMT 3303 Organizational Behavior      
FINA 3503 Principles of Finance      
TECH 3013 Leadership and Decision-Making Skills      

Total hours at NEO = 60
Total hours at RSU = 64
Total hours = 124

*Required for Telecommunications Foundations Option. Students should consider the prerequisites in selecting math and science courses.