Each team must adhere to the following rules.

  1. All participants must fill out a Waiver and Release of Liability (pdf) form and bring it with them to the Games.
  2. All student participants must fill out a student registration form.
  3. Each team sponsor/teacher must fill out a team registration form.
  4. Teams may consist of a maximum of seven students and two sponsors/teachers. Each school may only have one team.
  5. Each team will be provided with the parts to build one drone, except the body/frame. Each team will receive $30 to purchase materials to fabricate a frame. Purchased, pre-manufactured body/frames are not permitted.
  6. Each drone must pass a pre-flight inspection to ensure that it may operate safely. The Aero Games Judges may disqualify any entry that, in their opinion, does not comply with the competition rules or is deemed unsafe to operate.
  7. A flight is official if any part of the drone leaves the ground under its own power. Each team will have two flights and each flight will be limited to seven minutes. Total stage time will not exceed 20 minutes to include any repairs. The highest point score and the time to complete course will be recorded (time will be utilized only as a tiebreaker-see score sheet).
  8. Judges and/or AeroGames committee members may disqualify any team on the grounds of failure to practice or observe safety measures (published or unpublished) poor sportsmanship, failure to appear at staging area during designated time, or failure to abide by judge or AeroGames committee member instructions.
  9. Judges have final say for the awarding of prizes and there is no appeal process.

2019 Forms & Documents

The following forms and documents are available for download to help with your projects.

Boy flying drone with team and judges watching