Bachelor of Technology in
Applied Technology

The degree program consists of 41 hours in general education, 30 hours (minimum) in a technical specialty, 40 hours in the professional program core, and 9 hours of electives.

Girl sitting on bench in Baird Hall with statue of Will Roger in background.Students can choose from the following options.

Option: Applied Technology

The Applied Technology option is designed to provide educational opportunities for individuals who possess an Associate in Applied Science degree or equivalent military experience and need additional education in order to perform job requirements or to advance their professional careers.

Option: Cyber Security and Information Assurance

The Cybersecurity and Information Assurance option is based on the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework provided by DHS and NSA and is the foundation for increasing size and capability of the U.S. cybersecurity workforce. This option provides students the knowledge and required abilities for performing technical analyses of computer incidents and intrusions to determine source, infiltration path, mechanism, system modifications and effects.

Option: Esports

ESports is the fastest growing niche of the gaming industry. Employment opportunities in eSports vary from gamers to writers, bloggers, event planners, team managers, multimedia graphic designers, and social media managers. This option provides an eSports generalized education with both technology and management tracks into the profession.

Option: Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Option provides the technological skills to design, build (3D print), and fly a UAV as well as provide required knowledge to take the FAA Part 107 Pilot’s License Examination. This option additionally provides the education required of one to start and run and independent business (UAS services).

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 Pending OSHRE Approval