Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technologyis designed to meet the growing demand for information technology specialists who are able to communicate effectively and are knowledgeable of business needs. Students may choose from the following options.

Girl in front of MeyerOption: Computer Network Administration 

The Computer Network Administration Option includes the study of network operating systems, network security, configuration of network components, and emerging technologies. Careers for students with this option may include system network administrators, system specialists, and network specialists.

Option: Software Development and Multimedia 

The Software Development and Multimedia Option focuses on object-oriented technology, software engineering, multimedia and web development, and emerging technologies. Careers for students with this option include web masters, web programmers, computer programmers, systems analysts, and software engineers.

Option: Game Development ♦

The Game Development Option is designed to provide students with the highest possible quality education in the areas of game development and general education. It blends skills in art, computer science, mathematics, physics, and writing to provide graduates with the opportunity to pursue a career in the area of Computer Game Development including possible careers in game development for entertainment, training, and education. Graduates will also possess skills that will enable them to pursue other career paths such as multimedia artistry and animation, computer programming, and software engineering.

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