The RSU Nursing Program requires that you have a urine drug screen done by the RSU Student Health Center (SHC) within 30 days of beginning clinical or field experiences. The SHC also provides immunizations and titers for a nominal fee.

The SHC is contracted with the OU Physician’s Group. The OU Physician’s Group Release Form (included SHC registration packet) must be completed turned in to SHC before receiving any services.

Please note that the release form includes that drug screens are also released to the Health Sciences Department IF a student has a positive drug screen. When that happens, the SHC will notify ONLY the Health Sciences Department Head. Otherwise the Health Sciences Department DOES NOT receive any copies of the student’s drug screens.


Health Sciences Building
Located along the back wall when accessed through the Health Sciences Building. The outside entrance is under the white balcony behind the Health Sciences Building.

Contact Information

Bobbi Gill
Accreditation Records Specialist
918-343-7628 fax
[email protected]