Please note that the following immunizations are required per our contracts with the facilities we use for our clinical rotations and field experiences. They CANNOT be waived for ANY reason, other than a doctor’s note that it is contraindicated.

Required Immunizations

  • TB Test Documentation: annually and must be valid through:
    • ADN & Paramedic/LPN to RN Bridge – May 15th of next year
    • RN to BSN – Completion of field experiences
  • Hep-B: 3 immunizations complete or in progress; or a positive titer
  • MMR: 2 immunizations complete or in progress; or a positive titer for each Measles, Mumps, and Rubella
  • T-dap
  • Varicella: 2 immunizations or a titer
  • Influenza: required by all nursing students doing clinicals/field experiences during September – March. Flu Shots should be received during the month of September. Exact dates will be announced in class and by email.


Health Sciences Building
Located along the back wall when accessed through the Health Sciences Building. The outside entrance is under the white balcony behind the Health Sciences Building.

Contact Information

Jan Belcher
Administrative Assistant
918-343-7802 fax
[email protected]

Lisa Martin
Nurse and Director of the Student Health Center
[email protected]

Bobbi Gill
Accreditation Records Specialist
918-343-7628 fax
[email protected]