All first year ADN’s, Bridge, re-admits and RN to BSN students must have a background check.

All background checks must be completed through OnSite Background Checks regardless of any other background check you may have done recently for any other purpose (such as an employer, etc.).

A negative report may affect your ability to participate in clinical rotations or field experiences, therefore resulting in your removal from your nursing program.

If you have an issue that may show up on your background report and would like to discuss it with Dr. Korvick beforehand, please email her privately at [email protected].


  • Initiate background check through OnSite Background Check
  • Cost is $65.00. Visa, MC, Discover, & American Express* are accepted.
    • *If using American Express, you must call our contact rep at OnSite: Carla Mowrey at 800-440-4107 option #1. She will manually enter the information for your background check.
    • You will receive a confirmation email from OnSite, shortly after you have completed your order request.


The completed background report will be retrieved by the Health Sciences Department and reviewed by the Nursing Director, Dr. Lynn Korvick.

Your background report will be emailed to you – as part of your 1-time electronic copy of your Clinical/Field Experience Clearance Packet.

Print your background report and make copies.

  • Place one copy in your originals packet.
  • Place a copy in each of your additional copied packets.

If there are any issues with your report, you will be called or emailed to set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Korvick to discuss the issue in question.