Clinical/field experience packets must be taken with you when participating in these experiences. It is important to make multiples copies of your packet. Keep all original documents in a safe place and stored separately from copies.

Keeping your original packet with you at all times for easy access could cause you some headaches. For example, should you have car problems and need it towed to a repair shop and forget about your original packet until it is time for your clinicals or field experiences. You are unable to retrieve them and have no packet to take with you to your clinicals or field experiences and do not get to participate.

  • Start your own medical file for your ongoing professional career
  • Make additional copies of your packet once it is completed
  • Keep all original documents in a safe place
  • ONLY SUBMIT COPIES of documents to appropriate departments
  • Store copied packets separate from originals

You will receive an electronic copy of your packet when:

  • you have completed your checklist
  • submitted required documents
  • background check is completed and reviewed by Department Head
  • immunization records have been updated by the Student Health Center

Note: You will need to add your drug screen, completed after classes begin, to your packet when received.

Administrative Estoppel Status

The Health Sciences Department uses what is called an “Administrative Estoppel Status” in our nursing programs. If documents do not get turned in to the Health Sciences Office by the due date, you will get an estoppel letter giving you the effective date of when you will not be able to attend lectures, campus or clinical labs, or field experiences until the documents are received. Once the documents have been received, the estoppel status will be lifted and you can return to class, labs, or field experiences.

Immunization Statement & Waiver

Submit this form to the Student Health Center in the Health Sciences Building (along back wall), fax to 918-343-7802 or email to [email protected].  DO NOT turn immunizations in to the Health Sciences Department.

Please Note: We will not make copies of any documents required for your clinical/field experience packet once they have been submitted to the Health Sciences Office. We will scan and email you a complete packet with the exception of the drug test, which is not done until after classes begin in August and is not turned in to us.

Please call 918-343-7590 if you have any questions!