Make multiples copies of your packet. Keep your originals in a safe place and store an extra set in a separate place. You will have a much better chance of always having an available set.

Reasons Why:

Example One: You have only one packet with original forms. You keep that original packet in your care for easy access. One day driving home from class you get in a car wreck. You are fine, however your car needs a lot of work and gets towed to a repair shop. You forget all about your one and only original packet until it is time for your clinicals or field experiences. You are unable to retrieve them from your car that is locked up at the repair shop, therefore you have no packet to take with you to your clinicals or field experiences.

Example Two: You thought ahead and made two copies of every form in your packet. You submitted one set and kept another set as a backup.However, you stored the copies in the same file as your originals. Your mother, roommate or little sister is cleaning house and doesn’t know that the file is your important nursing school papers. They just assume it is trash and needs to be thrown out. You don’t realize this until you head out the door for your clinicals or field experiences. But it is too late the garbage truck has already eaten both copies of your packet.


  • Start your own medical file for your ongoing professional career
  • Make additional copies of your packet once it is completed
  • Keep all original documents in a safe place
  • ONLY SUBMIT COPIES of documents to appropriate departments
  • Store copied packets separate from originals

Please Note: We will not make copies of any documents required for your clinical/field experience packet once they have been submitted to the Health Sciences Office. We will scan and email you a complete packet (except for the drug test, which is not done until after classes begin in August and is not turned in to us). Please refer to the Document Distribution, Checklist & Clinical/Field Experience Packets (last page of the Clearance Packet for Clinical/Field Experiences) for more details.

Don’t miss due dates!

The Health Sciences Department uses what is called an “Administrative Estoppel Status” in our nursing programs. If documents do not get turned in to the HS Office by the due date, you will get an estoppel letter giving you the effective date of when you will not be able to attend lectures, campus or clinical labs, or field experiences until the documents are received. Once the documents have been received, the estoppel status will be lifted and you can return to class, labs, or field experiences.  

Clearance Packet Instructions

Page 1 – Immunization Statement & Waiver

  1. You are signing that you understand and agree to the 6 statements at the top of the page.
  2. If you have had Chicken Pox, then check the box stating that you have had Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  3. If your Hep B series is in progress, then check the box requesting the waiver for the Hep B vaccination. This waiver of the Hep B is only indicating the series is in progress and not completed.  You are not able to waive the Hep B series for any other reason, unless you have a doctor’s note that it is contraindicated.

Page 2 – Document Distribution, Checklist & Clinical/Field Experience Packets

  1. Easy to follow list of who gets what!
  2. Put your name at the top of this page, in the space provided, as it will be the cover page for the electronic copy emailed back to you.
  3. Turn in the immunizations, listed in the top section, to the Student Health Center (either in person – located along the back wall of the HS Building; by fax to 918-343-7802; or by email to [email protected]).  DO  NOT turn immunizations in to the Health Sciences Department!
  4. In the middle section, make sure you have all 4 documents (Immunization Statement & Waiver; Copy of front and back of BLS CPR card from AHA; Copy of student Id card; Copy of this checklist) and checkmark the boxes that you are submitting all 4 documents at the same time.
  5. Put the email address on the space provided, for where you want your one time, electronic copy to be emailed back to you and then checkmark the 5th box.
  6. AFTER this checklist and the 3 additional required documents have been submitted, and your background check has been completed and reviewed by the Department Head, and your immunization records have been updated by the SHC, then you will receive your electronic copy of your packet, complete with the Gallant background check and RSU immunization record.  Your packet will still be short the copy of your drug screen – until that is completed after classes begin – at which time you will need to add a copy of the results to the rest of your packet.
  7. Once you receive your electronic copy of your packet, you will need to print out the RSU Immunization Record and the Gallant background check and place them in your clinical/field experience packets to take with you while participating in these experiences.
  8. AFTER classes start, your instructors will tell you when to do your drug screen.  Once you have those results, it is extremely important that you copy them.  The SHC does not have copies of the drug screenings and if you lose your original and don’t have legible copies, you will have to pay to have another drug screen done.  Place the original in your “professional career” file with all your other originals and put copies in your extra packets for clinical/field experiences.

Please call 918-343-7590 if you have any questions!