Bachelor of Science in
Nursing (RN-to-BSN)

The RN-to-BSN Nursing ♦ degree provides an opportunity for RN’s who have completed an associate or diploma program to continue their studies and advance their careers.

Whether you completed your associate degree recently or many years ago, this program is individually tailored for you. Students can attend on a full or part-time basis. We operate as an extended campus and are available by phone or text 24 hours every day.

The nursing faculty look forward to a productive year of learning and academic work with you. We value our students as individuals and endeavor to be helpful, courteous, and caring in our interactions with each one. 

The degree places an emphasis on community assessment to further advance clinical reasoning and analytical skills. Additionally, students will gain a deeper understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and social issues impacting patients and clients in their health care delivery. The RN-to-BSN program will prepare you for graduate school as well as leadership positions.

RSU has long held a top nursing program reputation and is listed in the US World & News as one of the most affordable universities nationally. As an accredited program, we offer you the highest standards of online quality instruction. Every instructor has specifically chosen to teach in this program, has taken at least one Quality Matters course, and has taught online courses.

Admission Requirements

  1. Accepted to Rogers State University (Apply for RSU Admission)


If you have attended any nursing program leading to RN licensure, including Rogers State University, from which you did not graduate. You must complete a readmission application.

RN-to-BSN Nursing Program Outcomes:


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