Our facilities will help students gain valuable skills such as effective oral and written communication, analytical, quantitative and problem-solving.

Multimedia classrooms are equipped with computer and projection systems that allow faculty and students to use the latest computer presentation technology. Additionally, we have DVD programs and a seminar room to facilitate smaller classes and student meetings.

Girl with her hand in a bucket of ice.Behavioral Sciences Lab

The Behavioral Sciences Laboratory, located in Baird Hall Room 202, is an interdisciplinary lab that provides research opportunities to both professors and students with an emphasis on measurable and observable aspects of human behavior.

The lab supplies professors the space to continue their academic and scholastic endeavors as well as helps students gain a better understanding of research methodology via hands-on experience. Students and professors are able to collaborate on research or work independently on individual projects across academic domains.

The laboratory is comprised of two experimentation rooms and a viewing room.

  • First Experimentation Room: Outfitted with the iWorx TA Teaching Assistant (Model IX-TA-220) and LabScribe 2 data recording software. Together, these tools allow researchers to collect and analyze heart rate, skin conductance, respiration rate, and other quantifiable data.
  • Second Experimentation Room: Contains an Automated Vitals Monitor that collects heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature.
  • Viewing Room: Located between the two rooms is an observation room outfitted with one-way mirrors that allows researchers to observe participants in the two experimental rooms.