Faculty Research

The Behavioral Sciences Lab (BLS) provides faculty the opportunity to further their academic endeavors. The lab is structured for extended experiments and collaboration with other faculty and students. Innovative research designs from faculty is encouraged. If you are a professor interested in conducting your own research, please contact us. Autonomic Nervous System Activation: Dr. Marrero is conducting a study that seeks to measure autonomic nervous system activation as a result of mental arithmetic.The study takes 15-25 minutes to complete. To schedule an appointment, email Dr. Marrero at [email protected].

Capstone Research

Step 1: Prospectus and Selection Process

  • Develop prospectus in Research Methods 1 (RM1) and submit to Behavioral Sciences Lab (BSL) committee.
  • Prospectus can be based off pre-existing iWorx study.
  • Committee will consider prospectus, GPA, Resume and/or CV, and possibly an interview.
  • Due to limited availability of the lab the application process is competitive.
  • Should be completed 2 semesters before capstone class is taken.
  • Application should be submitted 1 week prior to final day of class during the semester RM1 is taken.
  • Applicants will be notified of status by the beginning of Quantitative Research Methods (QRM).
  • Non BSSS students must follow these same procedures.

Step 2: Paper and Project Development

  • During QRM, selected students will begin development of their paper and project.
  • Near the end of the semester, they will begin training with iWorx (lab tech will train selected students).
  • Students must complete IRB application and CITI training and receive approval before end of semester.

Step 3: Pilot Studies

  • During winter intersession, selected students begin running pilot studies.
  • This will allow them to make corrections as needed before the beginning of capstone.
  • Students must also develop methods of recruitment and advertisement.

Step 4: Experimentation

  • In order to get the number of participants necessary to achieve significant results, students must begin experimentation the first week of class.
  • This gives students two and a half months to run subjects.