Girl with her hand in a bucket of ice.The Behavioral Sciences Laboratory is comprised of two experimentation rooms and a viewing room.

These features combined give students and professors a wider scope to use when conducting their experiments.

This wide range of lab uses makes it easier for different departments to collaborate on studies pertaining to quantifiable and observable components of humanity.

First Experimentation Room:

Outfitted with the iWorx TA Teaching Assistant (Model IX-TA-220) and LabScribe 2 data recording software. Together, these tools allow researchers to collect and analyze heart rate, skin conductance, respiration rate, and other quantifiable data.

Second Experimentation Room:

Contains an Automated Vitals Monitor that collects heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature.

Viewing Room:

Located between the two rooms is an observation room outfitted with one-way mirrors that allows researchers to observe participants in the two experimental rooms.