Kathryn Carollo
B.A. Public Affairs

Kathryn Carollo“I was selected for the FBI’s Honors Internship Program the summer after my junior year. The things I have learned in my classes, particularly the national security classes, go hand in hand with the work I do. After graduating, I will be moving to Washington D.C. to work as a Management and Program Analyst for the FBI. My degree plan and professors have abundantly equipped me to go into the national security sector with the tools and knowledge I need to succeed and to be a top contender for one of the nation’s most prestigious law enforcement and national security agencies.”

Travis Clark
Associate Attorney for Fredericks Peebles & Morgan
B.A. Public Affairs

Travis Clark“Rogers State University offers a superb education. Before enrolling in the Political Science Program at RSU my critical thinking and writing skills were mediocre at best. However, after four years of first-rate academic instruction the world opened up to me in previously unimaginable ways. I was awarded a full tuition scholarship to a highly regarded law school; I was awarded a prestigious Fellowship in Washington D.C. working as a student-attorney for the Department of the Interior; I was selected by the Native American Rights Fund for a highly sought after internship; and I am now an associate attorney representing Indian tribes on matters such as the Keystone XL Pipeline. Simply put, I owe a great deal, if not all, of my subsequent academic and professional success to RSU and its incredible faculty.”

Ally Warren
Political Event Consultant and Campaign Manager
B.A. Public Affairs

Allie Warren“I chose a Political Science degree from RSU originally because of my interest in politics. However, I soon realized political science could be so much more than just an interest. The ideas, concepts, and knowledge I learned at RSU have already proven to be extremely useful in the year since I graduated. Having an understanding of how the world works is an invaluable tool and one that helps guide many of my decisions. I am a much better person, student, and citizen because of my Political Science degree.”