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B.A. in Public Affairs

Degree Sheet

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs is an interdisciplinary, professional degree for individuals who desire to work in, lead, and manage public organizations.



Careers in Public Affairs

Graduates of the Public Affairs program will be well prepared to begin careers in public and nonprofit organizations at all levels of society. The future of public affairs is represented by an expanding job market. Skills developed qualify students to enter many of the fastest-growing employment opportunities in this region. Some career options in public administration include:

  • Administrative Management: City Management, Executive Assistant, Policy Analyst, County Management, City Planning, Financial Officer, Government Affairs, Nonprofit Management, Program Administration, Organizational Research, and Fiscal Analysis.
  • Personnel Management & Labor Relations: Personnel Management, Labor-Management Relations, Employee Development, Industrial Relations, Dispute Resolution, Employee Relations, Mediation, and Position Classification.
  • Investigations & Inspections: Consumer Protection, Workplace Safety, General Investigation, Criminal Investigation, Internal Security, and Tax Law.
  • Social Services: Recreational Management, Social Services Analysis, Corrections, Social Work, Volunteer Service, Management, and Community Research.
  • Public Health: Health Services Management, Health Communications, Research and Planning, Outreach and Education, Public Relations, and Program Analysis.

A career in Public Administration is enhanced when matched with other fields of study available at RSU:

Cade Russell, B.A. Public Affairs

2021 Newman Civic Fellow
“Each and every one of us has the capability to make a difference. I believe that individuals are more inclined to work harder for a cause that they believe in. I encourage students that are interested in serving in this fellowship to find something that they are passionate about and go all in.”

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Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate an ability to analyze and critique a variety of approaches to understanding public policies.
  2. Students will demonstrate an ability to apply knowledge and understanding of different views regarding culture and society.
  3. Students will integrate public administration-oriented research into their understanding and practice of public administration.

Department Mission: The mission of the Department of History and Political Science is to support discipline-specific degree programs as well as the University’s general education program.

Degree Program Mission: The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration is designed to provide students with the organizational, administrative, and time management skills to excel in public service and nonprofit sectors.