Fast Facts

  • RSU was the first university in Oklahoma to offer a degree in Military History.
  • Among the History and Political Science faculty are published authors, noted historians, and award- winning educators.
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs, with options in political science and public administration, prepares students to implement and oversee policies at all levels of city, county, state and national governments.
  • Graduates of the department have gone on to succeed as teachers, lawyers, and political campaign advisors throughout the region.
  • History and Political Science faculty conduct original research and present their work throughout the region.

Department of History and Political Science Goals

The department provides faculty to support discipline-specific degree programs as well as the University’s general education program. Using the latest technology, the faculty is able to offer students in northeastern Oklahoma and the surrounding region access to many academic opportunities. Appreciating that learning takes place outside the classroom as well, the department actively pursues service-learning opportunities for the academic enrichment of both faculty and students.

  1. Provide traditional and nontraditional students quality associate and baccalaureate degrees;
  2. Serve the University and the community through the provision of quality general education courses;
  3. Offer innovative and quality teaching both within the classroom and through distance education;
  4. Foster the skills of critical thinking, writing, research, and oral communication among our students;
  5. Foster values of scholarship, creativity, appreciation of diversity, and community service among our faculty, staff, and students; and
  6. Attract and retain high quality traditional and non-traditional students.

Philip Jackson, ’14, B.A. Public Affairs
“As a political consultant, my career revolves around writing for different kinds of media, press releases, Facebook posts, or position papers. Everything I learned at RSU helps me with what I’m doing now.”