Joshua Meier sitting on a bench in an art studio.
“Having just come back to academia after a long hiatus, RSU was a good fit for me as I readjusted to school life again.”

Joshua Meier

B.F.A., Visual Arts Rogers State University, 2008
M.F.A., Art University of Tulsa, 2011 

When I began at RSU, they had no B.F.A. program and so my major was declared as Liberal Arts.

After my first semester, the B.F.A. was approved and I was asked if I’d be interested in switching majors. I did, and the timing was perfect. Without the B.F.A., I honestly don’t think I would have been able to go directly into graduate school the way I did.

Currently, I am a graduate assistant and the University of Tulsa in charge of the Kravis Digital Lab and the Kendall Hall Photo lab. I document all shows at the Alexandre Hogue Gallery and assist with the 3D design courses.

I am a metal worker at Garden Deva Sculpture Company where I design, fabricate, and finish various metal sculptures for the home and garden.

In addition, I occasionally teach photography for Northeast Technology Center in Pryor [since 2007]. I plan on continuing my career as an artist and as well as teaching at the university level.