Enrollment: Academics carry the most weight in your requirements. As a student, you must be enrolled full- time as defined by the university. Your enrollment status will be assessed by the program by the last day of drop/add. Students who fail to enroll full-time will forfeit their scholarship for the next academic semester.

Academics: All RSU music scholarship students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA for all coursework. Student grades will be checked periodically during the semester (students will sign a separate FERPA waiver to grant permission to view grades). Students who are struggling academically will be directed towards the proper assistance. Academic study in music (enrollment in non- ensemble music classes, music minor) is not required but is highly encouraged.

Academic Probation: Students with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.5 GPA will be on probation for one semester. During that semester, students will retain their financial award. However, if at the end of the probation semester the students’ GPA has not increased above 2.5 the student will become ineligible to receive a scholarship for the next Academic Year.

Ensembles: Students are required to participate in an ensemble each semester. Students may participate in a combination of band and choir to satisfy their scholarship. Students who do not participate in an ensemble each semester will lose their scholarship and become ineligible to gain a scholarship for the following Academic Year.

  • Jazz Ensemble (0 or 1 credit hour per semester)
  • Concert Choir (0 or 1 credit hour per semester)
  • Concert Band (0 or 1 credit hour per semester)

Performance Grant Stipends: Beginning this year Performance Grant Stipends are available to students interested in participating in Pep Band in addition to another ensemble. Qualifying students receive awards based upon the number of Pep Band basketball performances they participate in. This scholarship is NOT a tuition waiver and is not limited to the tuition charged each semester, but can be added to all other scholarships a student might receive. All other scholarship guidelines listed above apply.

Participation: Students are expected to be model ensemble members. A part of this requirement entails participation. Exact participation requirements will be dispersed at the beginning of each ensemble. Students who do not follow the participation guidelines will lose their scholarship and be ineligible to audition for the next Academic Year.

Practice Policy: Music scholarship recipients are expected to be musical leaders of the ensembles. Students will be expected to practice and prepare their music to the fullest outside of regular meeting times. Students are always welcome to solicit musical assistance from the director. The amount of preparation and time students put into their practice will be a consideration when re- applying for a scholarship. Students may have their award lowered or cancelled based on poor musical development.

Work Policy: We understand many of you have to gain outside employment in order to supplement your income as a student. Your work schedule may not interfere with your schedule with the ensembles. Each student will receive a schedule of events at the beginning of the semester. Work is never an excuse to miss an event. It will be a factor in the re-awarding of scholarships if a student has any absences pertaining to work.

Re-application: Students will be required to re-apply each Spring in order to retain their scholarship. The performance of the prior year will be a factor in deliberations for the coming year’s award. Students may keep their same award, get a higher award, or lose their award completely at the end of each year. Scholarship auditions will be in late March or early April of each school year. Look for information posted on the Music Program web page for each year’s dates.