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Fast Facts

  • The department offers six Liberal Arts minors; Creative Writing, English, Humanities, Philosophy, Spanish, and Technical Writing.
  • The department includes the RSU Writing Center, which provides students with computers, a printer, a white board, small group tables, composition manuals, paper reviews, and tutor support.
  • English and Humanities faculty are published authors, with several having written or contributed to more than one publication in the last five years.
  • The department publishes Cooweescoowee, an annual literary journal that involves students in the editorial process.
  • The Bachelor of General Studies, also housed in English and Humanities, provides students with a rigorous alternative to a specialized education in a single discipline. Students select three minors from dozens offered. It is an excellent option for students with eclectic tastes.

Department of English and Humanities Goals

The mission of the Department of English and Humanities at Rogers State University is to support students in their pursuit of knowledge and to prepare them for participation in the increasingly globalized culture of the 21st century. The goals are:

  1. Foster the skills of critical and creative thinking, writing, communication, and research among our students.
  2. Serve the University and the community by providing quality general education courses that prepare students for their roles as citizens and cultural participants.
  3. Offer innovative programs and quality teaching within the classroom and through distance education.
  4. Facilitate the formation of groups of citizen-scholars consisting of faculty and students that meet outside the traditional classroom setting.
  5. Foster the values of scholarship, creativity, appreciation of diversity, and community service among our faculty, staff, and students.