Houston Gaither ’16
B.A. Communications | Music Director and Radio Personality, 106.1

Matthew RahnMathew Rahn
B.A. Communications

“A Communications degree has a lot of career options. One of the strengths of the Communication program at RSU is the technology that we have access to. The experience you get working with software, cameras, editing bays and production studios helps enrich the educational process, and you can apply those skills to real-life situations. Everything you learn in the program will help you excel no matter where you go. If you’re not sure what degree you want, Communications is a great place to start.”

Dr. Holly KruseDr. Holly Kruse
Associate Professor

“Students are able to get a really personal experience in the Communications department. They have several opportunities to learn both theory and practical application in their classes and through internships at a variety of organizations. The faculty are available and committed to student success, both because of the size of the department and the nature of the people in it. I get good feedback from students after they’ve graduated that what they learned in the Communications department helped prepare them for their real-world experience.” More About Dr. Kruse