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B.A. in Communications

Degree Sheet

The Bachelor of Arts in Communications stresses competence in oral and written communication and critical thinking skills that will serve the student for a lifetime. Students  acquire specific knowledge and skills needed to function in a variety of career opportunities at broadcast facilities, corporations, and civic enterprises. Such endeavors include but are not limited to media production/talent, corporate management, marketing, advertising and public relations, sales, promotions, law school, ministry, human relations, public speaking, and corporate and civic leadership.


Houston Gaither ’16, B.A. Communications
Music Director and Radio Personality, 106.1


Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comm. will demonstrate proficiency in their written and oral communication skills, as well as the ability to think creatively and critically.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in communication principles.
  3. Students will indicate they are satisfied with the instruction they have received in this program.
  4. Graduates will report that they are prepared to enter and perform satisfactorily in entry-level communication positions.

Department Mission: The Department of Communications supports the mission of RSU and the School of Liberal Arts by fostering the skills of critical thinking, writing, research, and oral communication among our students.

Degree Program Mission: The overall mission is to develop in students the general and specific knowledge and skills to function as effective citizen-leaders and to serve in a variety of careers associated with the discipline of communications.