Rance KingfisherRance Kingfisher ’15
B.S. Biology: Environmental Conservation

“When I first started college all I thought about was how I was going to survive it, get my diploma and get my life started. As each semester went by I felt like this was less and less the case, especially in the Environmental Conservation degree plan. Learning different aspects of wildlife and ecological systems and getting my hands dirty in some cases were some of the best parts of being a student here at Rogers State University.”

Tara BowkerTara Bowker
B.S. Biology: Medical/Molecular

Tara graduated debt-free with a combination of financial aid, scholarship assistance through the RSU Foundation, and hard work. During her undergraduate studies, Tara worked with an RSU faculty member on ground-breaking original research on the effects of Vitamin C on certain kinds of cancer. Because of her time at RSU, Tara was prepared for graduate school and accepted into the University of Oklahoma’s College of Dentistry, a four-year program that leads to a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

Sarah Hart ’09
B.S. Biology: Medical/Molecular | Forensic Scientist, Tulsa Police Department
“My career success started at RSU with a degree in biology.”