male student wearing white coat and stethoscope

Enabling students to succeed in their respective career aspirations.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology program at Rogers State University has great success at placing students in quality professional health programs. The curriculum in the Medical/Molecular option has proven to be a solid preparatory track for students endeavoring to enter professional health fields.

Recent success in student/graduate placement is indicative of the quality of students that RSU is recruiting, the rigorous curriculum that prepares students for required entrance exams like the GRE, MCAT, DAT, and PCAT, and quality program faculty.

RSU students have been placed in the following schools:

Professional Programs

With few exceptions, completion of a bachelor’s degree such as RSU’s degree in Medical/Molecular Biology greatly enhances career opportunities and acceptance into post-graduate health programs. However, some health professions such as Dental Hygiene and Radiological Technology only require completion of specific prerequisites to apply and be admitted to their respective programs.

Note: Pay particular attention to application deadlines and program pre-requisites for each.

For more information, ask your advisor or contact the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences or the Department Head of the Department of Biology.