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Can I pursue the MBA if my undergrad degree is not in business?
Yes! Students who possess a bachelor’s degree in a non-business-related field must complete a 3-hour leveling course and earn at least a B.

How do I apply for the program?
Please follow our Online Application Instructions.

What are the admission requirements for the MBA Program?
Please see our Admissions Requirements.

How do I enroll for classes? 
Please contact the MBA Coordinator, Ronna Hatley for assistance enrolling in courses.  

Who is my main point of contact? 
Ronna Hatley, MBA Coordinator 

What does the $10,880 include?
The $10,880 set price is for tuition and fees based on 2019-2020 rates. The price is for students who are continuously enrolled. See the breakdown of Tuition & Fees.

Dr. David Johnk
Assistant Professor, Department of Business

Dr. David Johnk“Earning an MBA can provide students with a leg up in the job market, both through demonstrating to your current employer that you have a strong desire to better yourself or through giving yourself additional skills that would help you start your own enterprise. I’ve had students tell me that their MBA was a crucial difference maker when it came time for new hiring and promotion.

The RSU MBA program really distinguishes itself through its small class sizes, which allow the professors to work more closely with students and take a mentoring role to help students through graduate school and their careers.”

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