M.B.A. Degree Plan 20-21 (pdf)
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Program Core Requirements (30 hours)

ACCT 5113 Accounting for Management
Theories, concepts, and techniques that are involved in meeting the information needs of managers. Includes management control systems that facilitate routine planning and control, as well as non-routine decision making. Includes cost-product-volume analysis, profit planning, internal reporting for business segments, differential costs and revenues, and behavioral aspects of managerial accounting.

BADM 5233 Critical Thinking and Ethics
Analysis of moral reasoning, critical thinking, and ethical decision making within a managerial framework. Includes specific studies of ethical behaviors within business disciplines, and discussion of various practical ethical benchmarks through detailed examinations of actual ethical dilemmas.

ECON 5123 Managerial Economics
Economic principles to solve practical problems faced by decision makers in the modern business environment. Assists managers in strategic and tactical problem solving.

FINA 5133 Financial Management
Decision-making about the use of financial assets which include physical and human resources, cash, stocks, and corporate bonds. Applications in both profit making businesses and not for profit government agencies in terms of risks, returns, and potential for success in management of resources.

MGMT 5133 Organizational Behavior and Design
Leadership skills for managers. Emphasizes development of a high performing organization through the study of leadership theory and practices, organization culture, motivation, decision-making, and group behavior.

MGMT 5213 Strategic Human Resources Management
Theories, concepts and evolution of Human Resources Management. Examines the strategic role of HR and how the traditional tasks of HR fit into this new paradigm.

MGMT 5223 Production/Operations Management
Quantitative techniques which support effective decision-making. Focuses on the formulation, analysis, and interpretation of optimization models for various applications in management including marketing, accounting, finance and operations. Includes aggregate planning, queuing theory, inventory control, scheduling, and decision theory.

MGMT 5243 Enterprise Resource Management Systems
Strategic management of technology and information systems in the business environment. Includes challenges in innovation and change management with a strategic focus on enterprise systems.

MGMT 5313 Business Strategy
Capstone experience that studies strategic management, including environmental analysis, strategy formulation and implementation, administrative policy, and the strategic control process. Analyzes problems confronted by upper-level managers and applies concepts from prior business courses. Prerequisites: Completion of at least 24 graduate hours.

MKTG 5143 Strategic Global Marketing
Key concepts, tools and theory of the global marketing environment. Challenges critical thinking about global competition.

Guided Electives (6 hours)

ACCT 5213 Financial Statement Analysis
Examination of financial statements included in corporate reports and announcements. Topics include methods of measuring income, assets, liabilities, liquidity, solvency, return on assets and equity interest, and forecasting future cash flows.

ACCT 5223 International Accounting
Study of international accounting issues. Emphasis on the diverse role of accounting in countries, global alignment of accounting standards, accounting for currency exchange rate changes, issues related to using corporate financial reporting across borders, and financial reporting in emerging capital markets. Comparisons between International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

BADM 5223 Business Law
Principles of contract law and commercial business transactions with an emphasis on the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

BADM 5973 Special Topics: Business Administration
Graduate seminar or project in an approved area of study. Content will be determined by the specific course offered. Course can be repeated for a maximum of 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: Permission of program director and instructor. (1-3 credit hours)

ECON 5233 Comparative Economic Systems
Economics of Socialism and Capitalism, major world trading blocs, developing countries, and those in transition.

MGMT 5143 Supply Chain Management
Supply chains with respect to product, market, and customer characteristics. Examines the role of technology, tools, and strategies used to manage logistics, decisions, inventory and risk management, procurement and supply contracting, product and process design, and revenue management.

MGMT 5233 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Initiation
Examination of unique entrepreneurship characteristics. Includes the skills, knowledge, information, and alternative that are necessary for finding and developing new business prospects.

SPMT 5223 Sport Finance
Applications of finance in sound sport management and operations along with various funding methods for sport.

SPMT 5523 Sport Marketing
Marketing strategies and promotional activities related to the sport industry. Includes E-marketing methods.

Total MBA Hours: 36