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UNIV 1152 – The University Experience

During your first semester at Rogers State University, you will be taking The University Experience course. This course focuses on transitioning students into university life and learning about our community and culture.

The class sizes are small to ensure that you have every opportunity to engage with your instructor, make new friends, and enhance skills to aid in your success at RSU and beyond.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is designed to welcome you as a new student to Rogers State University and provide you with relevant and timely information to successfully begin your first year in college. Watch a recorded session.

Course Description

The University Experience course introduces students to university resources and expectations, skills necessary for student success including study skills, effective communication, and initial steps in career planning. This course emphasizes the importance of planning, proactive learning, building community, and fostering an understanding of self.

UNIV 1152 – Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify university resources, support systems, and opportunities for campus involvement.
  2. Evaluate personal and social strategies to effectively communicate and work in diverse environments and populations.
  3. Identify issues affecting motivation and create strategies to build resilience.
  4. Create long- and short-term plans to balance school, financial obligations, and other life responsibilities.
  5. Explore college majors and relate selected majors to career planning and success.
  6. Create study strategies and behavior patterns to successfully complete college assignments and exams.

UNIV 1152 – Selected Topics Covered

  • University Expectations/Culture Including Faculty Expectations
  • Effective Professional Communication
  • Time Management
  • Strategic Learning
  • RSU Resources & Support
  • Health & Wellness
  • Stress Management
  • Motivation & Goal Setting
  • Academic & Career Planning

UNIV 1152 – How it can help you?

  • Academic Success – Supports every student with their academic transition from high school to college by aiding them in the navigation of academic expectations and connecting them to academic resources.
  • Resilience & Empowerment – Empowers students to build resilience by embracing challenges, identifying solutions, and making informed decisions about their academic and personal lives.
  • Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity – Creates a learning environment where students from all backgrounds and abilities are welcomed, celebrated, and supported.
  • Campus Engagement & Experiential Learning – Designs clear pathways to campus engagement through student organizations, service-learning, and other leadership opportunities.
  • Social & Personal Responsibility – Inspires students to become socially responsible representatives of their communities through civic engagement and service-learning opportunities.
  • Career Planning – Exploration of major and career planning.

UNIV 1152 – Benefits

  • Small class size – gives you the opportunity to really get to know your instructor and peers
  • Active learning model – students participate in the learning process
  • Learn skills to be successful in college
  • Adjust to the demands of college – it really IS different than high school
  • Learn RSU technology and library skills
  • Improve communication for academic life and career
  • Explore new areas, goals, and career objectives