How to Set Up Your Virtual Commencement Slide

In spite of the obstacles posed by COVID-19 and the necessity to postpone an on-ground commencement, RSU will recognize the milestone that commencement represents in the lives of our students and will honor the achievements of our graduates. 

To that end, RSU will provide a virtual commencement ceremony on May 16. The event will provide many of the elements of a live ceremony, which can be watched by family and friends.

Students will be asked to provide a photo for an individual slide and a short video/audio recording for a personalized video clip. This individual content will be edited together to create a procession of students. Elements of the virtual commencement may be downloaded, saved, and shared.

Virtual Commencement Slide Sample

Your virtual slide will appear on an RSU background template with your name and degree. Click here for sample:  StageClip Sizzler


graduate sampleYour Name Here

Your Degree Here

You may wear regalia, if you have it, or you may use the snapchat feature to “wear” virtual regalia.

Grads get 150 characters of text to create a personalized message.


Here’s a sample from another university:

grad sample

Here’s a video clip sample from another university:

grad sample video clip

You can’t hear him, but he’s recorded a short thank you message – and you can too!

You may use the snapchat lens from Stage Clip to appear in cap and gown and record your personalized message against an RSU template background.

Watch for an email invitation from Stage Clip and submit your photo and video between May 2 and May 9 to have your clip included in the virtual procession.

Save it to your devices and share it!

Virtual Commencement FAQs

At present, there are too many unknowns regarding the ability to assemble for a spring or summer ceremony.  RSU is committed to providing an on-ground commencement when city, state, and federal public health guidelines allow. 

Rest assured that your degree will still be conferred once you have completed all graduation requirements. 

Diplomas are typically mailed to graduates within 8-10 weeks of the commencement ceremony.

To ensure you receive your diploma, make sure all holds have been cleared. If you do not receive your diploma after 10 weeks, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 918-343-7552.

Many of the elements of a live ceremony will be incorporated in the virtual ceremony, including a "processional", composed of the personalized content that students contribute. Your name will be announced as a personalized slide with your degree information is displayed.  Click here for sample:  StageClip Sizzler

In addition, you will receive an individual clip which you can download, view and share!  There is a search feature that allows you to immediately find your clip and those of your friends.

Watch for an upcoming email invitation from Stage Clip to provide a photo and text for a slide, and a short video with an audio message.  Please carefully note the deadline for submission, so that your personalized slide can be included in the virtual "procession."  Note that RSU has arranged for a Snapchat lens that may place your photo in a virtual cap and gown, even if you have not purchased regalia. 

You will receive an email with the link, which will also be posted on the RSU Commencement website.

There is no requirement that you participate.  However, even if you do not submit a photo to the Stage Clip portal, a non-personalized slide with your name and degree will be displayed while your name is read during the virtual ceremony. 

No, that is not necessary. The snapchat lens on your video clip, if used, will show you in a standard cap, gown, and tassel. You may still include a photo and/or video in standard regalia, if you choose. All standard student regalia except for MBA grads is available from the bookstore. 

  1. Contact the bookstore to place your order ([email protected]).The bookstore will notify the bursar's office of the total due.  Stoles for honors (grade point average) are also available from the bookstore.
  2. Phone the bursar's office at 918-343-7558 to pay by credit card.
  3. Tell them, "I want to pay for my regalia." The bursar's office will send a receipt to both you and the bookstore.
  4. The bookstore will ship your regalia to the address you request.