Please follow these guidelines when working with tutors.

  • Please remember to sign in and sign out on the computer. If you are not sure how to sign in to the lab please ask a tutor.
  • Please be courteous to the tutors as well as other students in the lab. The tutors are here to help you and have the right to terminate their service if they feel threatened or if sessions become counter-productive.
  • The tutoring lab is not a computer lab or quiet place to study. Please study and do assignments at home, in the library or in computer labs and come to the tutoring lab prepared with specific questions or problems that you need help with.
  • Please keep your voice down and keep conversation related to the subject you are being tutored in.
  • If there is not a tutor available for the subject you need help in, please consult the schedule or ask another tutor when might be a good time to come back or go to your instructor during office hours for help. RSU students also have free access to
  • The tutors are here to help you work through problems, develop better studying techniques, and to explain concepts that are difficult to grasp. They are not here to provide answers to your homework or quizzes or to help you cram for a test that you have not prepared for.
  • Please bring your notes from class to the tutoring lab. This will help the tutor determine if your instructor is using a certain method or formula.