TECH 1002 Introduction to Applied Technology
An orientation course designed to provide an industry overview as well as generalized skills. This course may be taken in any industrial specialty in which the student wishes to get basic skills in a wide range of areas. This course relates to any technical/industrial program.

TECH 1012 Safety
An orientation to the safety associated with the industry. Focuses on business/industry safety in the work place.

TECH 1022 Equipment/Tool Operation & Management
An orientation to the specialized equipment/tools within the class and industry. Focuses on the proper use of equipment/tools.

TECH 1030 Beginning Applications
Skills development in an applied setting. Beginning-level techniques are developed through design and completion of projects. (3-5 credit hours.)

TECH 1050 Intermediate Applications
Skills development in an applied setting. Intermediatelevel techniques are developed through design and completion of projects. (3-5 credit hours.)

TECH 2020 Advanced Applications
Skills development in an applied setting. Advanced-level techniques are developed through design and completion of projects. (3-5 credit hours.)

TECH 2040 Special Topics
Topics that deal with important issues within the Industry. Includes problem-solving techniques, troubleshooting, etc. (3-5 credit hours.)

TECH 2060 Special Projects
Advanced skills used in the work place on special projects related to a student’s career goals. (3-5 credit hours.)

TECH 2083 Job Readiness
Development of skills in job seeking and keeping. The course prepares the student with successful techniques for finding gainful employment and in progressing once on the job.

TECH 2090 Field Internship
A capstone course designed to integrate academic and technical lectures and labs with business and industry work experience. (3- 6 credit hours.)

TECH 3013 Leadership and Decision-Making Skills
A study of specific leadership and decision-making skills and their application to a business organization. Among the topics to be covered are characteristics of leaders, techniques of decision making, interpersonal skills, and other related topics.

TECH 3023 Emerging Technologies
A study of technology as it affects the lives of people in an industrial society. The course will also study the impact of technology on the work place.

TECH 3203 Introduction to Risk Management
Risk and safety hazards and techniques for identifying, analyzing, eliminating, or transferring the perils of risk. Includes current laws regarding risk and safety, workers’ compensation insurance, employer-employee relations, and
employee mistreatment in the workplace.

TECH (SCMT) 3213 Enterprise Resource Management Systems
This course examines the role of technology in managing the supply chain. Students are provided hands-on experience in advanced software systems that build on top of enterprise resource planning systems. Major emphasis is placed on demonstrating how these systems result in supply chain cost reductions and service improvements. Prerequisites: MGMT 3013. (Formerly MFMG 3043)

TECH 3403 Renewable Energy Technology
This course examines the usefulness of various types of existing and emerging renewable energy technologies as they relate to the future of this planet. Topics will include solar systems, fuel cells, hydroelectric power, geothermal heat transfer, biofuels, wind energy, and energy conservation. Special consideration will be given to the economic and environmental issues. The impact of government policies will be also explored. Prerequisite: PHYS 1014.

TECH 3413 Accounting for the Renewable Energy Industry
A managerial accounting course with emphasis on accounting tools for managers in the renewable energy industry. Topics covered include: cost accounting, breakeven point, profit analysis, variable costing, budgeting, cash flow, differential analysis, responsibility accounting, financial ratios, stocks, and bonds. Prerequisite: ACCT 2103.

TECH 3423 Fundamentals of Energy Management
Students will learn the basics of quantitative analysis in decision making and project management. The applied part of this course focuses on the development and management of enterprises in the renewable energy industry. Also consideration is given to methods for monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy. Prerequisite: TECH 3403.

TECH 4003 Business Data Communications Systems
Broad coverage of telecommunication and computer network types and protocols used to drive the diverse voice, video, and data needs of today’s business. Includes network vocabulary and the understanding of how telecommunication and network functions are used in today’s business environments. Prerequisite: MGMT 3423.

TECH 4013 Computer and Telecommunications
Applications for Managers and Professionals A course designed to introduce managers and professionals to specific applications of computer and telecommunications tools in business. Various hardware and software perspectives will be introduced to acquaint students with “real world” application of the concepts in business and industrial settings. Prerequisite: TECH 4003.

TECH 4113 Government Regulation of Business
An overview of the impact of governmental regulation on business and industry. Among the topics to be studied will be environmental, health, occupational, and safety regulations at both the state and federal levels.

TECH 4504 Practicum and Capstone Experience
Small group project that integrates the materials in required courses. Includes discussions about professional and ethical issues. Prerequisite: Completion of 90 percent of Tech program. (Formerly TECH 4500 and TECH 4503)