SPMT 1003 Foundation of Sport Management
An introductory course exploring the history, development, and governance as well as current issues and trends in sport management. Emphasis will be placed on the regulations and impact of Title IX.

SPMT 2023 Sport Delivery Systems and Communication
Examination of the fundamental theories, practices, and communication necessary to deliver sport products and services to consumers. Prerequisite: SPMT 1003.

SPMT 3013 Marketing Sports
A survey of marketing strategies and promotional activities related to the sports industry including media relationships. Prerequisites: SPMT 1003.

SPMT 3213 Legal Aspects of Sport Management
An examination of legal principles, liability, dilemmas, and court cases relating to sport-specific issues within the context of managing sport services. Prerequisites: SPMT 1003.

SPMT 3233 Organization and Management of Athletic Programs
A study of principles, issues, and trends within the organization and management of athletic programs. Prerequisite: SPMT 1003.

SPMT 3423 Ethics in Sport Management
This course will examine the moral and ethical issues associated with the management of sport and sport organizations. Content will provide the student with theoretical base and systematic reasoning tools to address ethical dilemmas in a thoughtful, reflective manner and integrate ethical priorities with economic and administrative interests.

SPMT 4113 Sport Economics and Financing
A study of the economics and financing of the sports industry. Prerequisite: SPMT 1003.

SPMT 4116 Sporting Event and Facility Management
A study of sport venue, events, and event management. Field experience is included. Prerequisites: permission and Senior standing.

SPMT 4313 Leadership in Sport Organizations
Application of contemporary management and leadership concepts, principles, and issues related to the operation of sport organizations. Includes theories of organization and leadership. Prerequisites: permission and Senior standing

SPMT 4323 Senior Capstone in Sport Management
Capstone course addressing the professional governance, standards, behaviors, and expectations of the sport manager. Students will investigate, analyze, and synthesize information using undergraduate skills developed through their educational process. Prerequisites: permission and Senior standing.

SPMT 4426 Sport Management Internship
Capstone supervised field experience in a sports agency designed to apply professional standards, behaviors, and expectations of the profession and meet the student’s professional entry-level goals. Prerequisites: permission and Senior standing.

SPMT 5223 Sport Finance
Applications of finance in sound sport management and operations along with various funding methods for sport.

SPMT 5523 Sport Marketing
Marketing strategies and promotional activities related to the sport industry. Includes E-marketing methods.