NAMS 1123 Native American Spirituality I
Orientation and study of Native American beliefs made integral through literature, oral traditions, and lifestyles. General concepts will be studied to find similarities in a range of mythologies, and specific tribal stories will serve as contrast.

NAMS 1143 Native Americans of North America
Introduction to the inhabitants from the North Pole to southern Mexico at the centuries directly before and immediately after specific European incursions. Note will be made of cultural relationships such as languages and myths among various peoples distributed throughout the area.

NAMS 2123 Native American Spirituality II
Advanced study of Native American spirituality in comparison to Western religion, culture, and community, through participation and discussion, medicine wheel, sweat lodge, meditation, dance, etc. This class will examine spiritual growth through the study of Native American practices and values.

NAMS 2203 Native Americans of the United States
Study of the history and cultures of Native Americans around the European incursions and establishment of the United States to present. Conflicts with European explorers and rebellions of indigenous peoples and the results of such actions will be reviewed. Whenever possible, comparisons between European and Native American accounts of such events will be made.

NAMS 2233 Native Americans of Oklahoma
Oklahoma is home to more than 40 American Indian tribes, tribal towns, nations, and bands. NAMS 2233 discusses the ways in which the tribes came to reside in the present day state of Oklahoma, and also explores each tribe as a unique entity unto itself. Both contemporary and historical perspectives will be addressed, as well as contemporary cultural issues and current events.

NAMS 2403 Field Research in Native American
Culture This course is designed to be a cooperative effort between RSU and local museums and research facilities such as Gilcrease and Philbrook museums. Students will be provided a list of topics of importance to the understanding of Native American cultures to be thoroughly researched during the semester.

NAMS 2423 Indigenous Language of Native Americans
A study of the general categories of languages that are the bodies that branch into hundreds of specific local languages. Information about linguistic clues that reveal migrations and relationships to pre-tribal cultures will be discussed and researched.

NAMS 2503 Cherokee I
The purpose of this course is to teach basic conversational Cherokee with some emphasis on prefixes, suffixes, and roots of Cherokee words to reflect changes in the usage of words in the language.

NAMS 2583 Seminar in Native American Language*
The study of other Native American languages. (Offered on demand.)

*Conversational Native American Languages. All Native American language courses are subject to availability of instructors and current information about languages.

NAMS 2623 Cherokee II
Instructions are carried out totally in the Cherokee language. No English is used. Stress is on conversational Cherokee. This method of teaching Native American languages is proving to be the most effective method yet developed.

NAMS 2850 Native American Seminar
This course is designed to address particular issues in regard to the Native American culture. Course content to be determined each semester offered and will be selected from, but not limited to, the following: art, language, religion, music, history, and current events. (1-4 credit hours.) (Formerly NAMS 2853)

NAMS 3113 Contemporary Native American Issues
Subjects to be covered include issues regarding tribal sovereignty, religious freedom, gaming, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, CDIB status, museum development and management, government programs relating to tribes, Indian Health Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and tribal elections. Current local, state, and national events, court cases, and evolving issues regarding tribes and tribal people will be a consistent subject throughout the course.

NAMS (CJ) 3263 Native American Law
An intensive review and advanced analysis of Native American law based on the foundational sets of legal principles of U.S. Federal American Indian law, the laws of tribal governments, and international laws applicable to Indigenous people. (Formerly NAMS 2263)

NAMS 4123 Native American Literature
Building on the foundation of the oral tradition–stories, songs, and poems of traditional Native Americans–this course is an examination of contemporary authors and issues in Native American Literature. The course will focus intensively on a few writers and/or poets per semester.

NAMS (ART) 4413 Native American Art
Comprehensive study of the prehistoric, historic, and contemporary artistic traditions of indigenous people of various North American cultural regions. By examining historical periods of American Indian artwork, students will understand how various socio-cultural factors influenced the development of specific traditions and common methods of artistic practice among Native people of North America.