MKTG 3113 Principles of Marketing
A survey course of the functions of domestic and international marketing. (Formerly BMA 3113)

MKTG 3313 E-Marketing
E-marketing addresses how businesses use the Internet and other electronic technologies as marketing tools. The emphasis is on understanding the unique opportunities and challenges associated with electronic marketing in order to better implement a firm’s overall marketing strategy. This course will discuss e-commerce, effective websites, search engine results, advertising banners, and database marketing. Prerequisite: MKTG 3113.

MKTG 3323 Consumer Behavior
An integrative strategic marketing approach to consumer behavior analyzing the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of goods and services by consumers and organizations. Topics will include internal and external variables that influence buying decisions, buying processes, buyer-seller relationships, positioning and branding, information processing. Issues of ethics and global marketing are considered. Prerequisite: MKTG 3113.

MKTG 3453 Sales and Sales Management
Principles of selling are addressed. Distinguishes between the complementary functions of marketing and sales. Management concepts including supervision, control of sales divisions, sales planning, research, motivation, compensation of salespersons, and ethical issues are discussed. Prerequisite: MKTG 3113.

MKTG 4153 Integrated Marketing Communications(IMC)
This course will examine a blended approach toward managing a company’s marketing promotional mix and communications messaging and mediums. This course will explore the role of IMC in a traditional marketing plan and in an integrated marketing offer and message to targeted customers. Prerequisite: MKTG 3113.

MKTG 4333 Marketing Research
Examines the systematic research to marketing management decision making including identifying problems, determining information needs, designing research, collecting data, analyzing and interpreting the data, and reporting the results of the research findings. Prerequisites: BADM 2843 and MKTG 3113.

MKTG 4343 Marketing Management
Focuses on the application of marketing concepts to managerial decision making across topic areas of corporate level strategy, marketing research, markets, products, pricing, promotion, and distribution. Prerequisites: MKTG 3313, MKTG 3323, and MKTG 4333.

MKTG 5143 Strategic Global Marketing
Key concepts, tools and theory of the global marketing environment. Challenges critical thinking about global competition.