GEOG 1113 General Geography
A general course in introductory geography concerned with natural and cultural features of the world’s landscape. GEOG 2123 World Regional Geography Principles of geography as applied to regions of the world, underscoring the physical and human characteristics that make regions distinctive. Physical characteristics, economics and geopolitics, comparing and contrasting the world’s major regions, and current problems and crises as they impact the global community.

GEOG 2243 Human Geography
An introduction and general education course that emphasizes the interrelationship of the physical environment and human responses.

GEOG 3023 Economic Geography
Focuses on principles, patterns, and processes of the location, distribution and interaction of economic activities at scales ranging from the global to the local. It examines concepts and problems in economic geography, in the principal factors responsible for global differentiation including population, resources, and development, international trade, and theories of organization of economic space.

GEOG 3043 Environmental Geography
Explores complex relationships between human activities and environmental systems. It examines how socio-cultural, political and economic processes alter natural systems and how the environment supports or undermines human activities. Topics such as degraded ecosystems, pollution, climate change, and waste management are addressed. Issues are examined through a geographic lens underscoring location factors, spatial distribution and relationships, and multiple scales of analysis.

GEOG 3053 Military Geography
Explores the critical role that geography plays in warfare, and investigates the relationship between the physical and cultural environment in military planning and execution. Students will learn about the principles, elements, and concepts of military geography, identify and analyze the importance of culture and geography on the conduct of war, and the effects of warfare and military training activities on the physical environment. Prerequisite: GEOG 2243.

GEOG 3950 Selected Topics in Human Geography
A systematic study of selected topics in human geography. May be used for up to nine credit hours if the content is different. Prerequisite: GEOG 2123 or GEOG 2243 or instructor’s permission.

GEOG 4023 Political Geography
This course focuses on the interaction of power and space and how power is inscribed in the landscape. It explores the basic methods by which people exert power and influence over others, the formation of political identities that support or undermine extant power structures, and territorial definition of polities such as national state, empire, sub-national region, and political contestation over territories, natural resources, and other valuable assets.