FTMT 2723 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
Basic instruction is given in the care, prevention, assessment and management of common athletic injuries and illnesses. Additional topics covered include legal issues and the overall role of a certified athletic trainer.

FTMT 3553 Advanced Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries*
An in-depth study of injury prevention and wellness, injury assessment and diagnosis, immediate and emergency care, therapeutic intervention, and healthcare administration and professional responsibilities. Prerequisite: FTMT 2723

FTMT 3733 Physiology of Exercise
A general study of the bioenergetics of muscular work; neuro-muscular structure, function and control; cardiorespiratory function and control; physical training; and nutrition and exercise performance.

FTMT 3813 Biomechanics*
The relationship between mechanical and anatomical principles that govern human motion. Prerequisite: BIOL 2285.

FTMT 4213 Methods of Strength and Conditioning*
This course is designed to increase the practical and theoretical understanding and knowledge of the physiological, biomedical and administrative aspects of designing and supervising strength and conditioning programs for various populations. Prerequisite: FTMT 3733.

FTMT 4523 Exercise Testing and Prescription
This course reviews the established link between fitness and health. Skills and concepts are taught that enable the learner to choose and perform appropriate physical assessments for the four primary areas of fitness and prescribe appropriate exercise regimens based on the results and knowledge of the needs of various populations. Prerequisite: FTMT 3733.

FTMT 4813 Advanced Strength & Conditioning*
The principles and methods necessary to design and implement comprehensive strength and conditioning programs for training, injury prevention, and reconditioning. Preparation is provided for obtaining certifications in personal training and strength and
conditioning, specifically the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam. Prerequisite: FTMT 4213.

*Pending approval by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education