COED 1120 Introduction to Work Experience
Student position matching will be arranged so the experience is a progressive and planned part of the total educational program of the student. This includes interviewing techniques, setting career goals and objectives, preparing a resume, and tips on obtaining and keeping a job. Supervision and evaluation is by the employer and a faculty member from the student’s major or a closely related field. One to four credit hours each semester, not to exceed eight hours total.

COED 1123 Intern
On-the-job training as an intern.

COED 2110 Advanced Work Experience
Integrates the learning that takes place in the classroom with the work experience. Students may use the cooperative education experience as a part of a career development process. This class is designed to assist the student, the employer, and the coordinator in evaluating the cooperative work experience. (1–4 credit hours each semester, not to exceed eight hours total.)