CC 1213 Intervention Strategies
Examination of intervention strategies appropriate to working with individuals and their families. The focus will be on the problem identification, crisis intervention strategies, and therapeutic settings in the helping profession. (Formerly CA 1213)

CC 2223 Chemical Abuse in Special Populations
The course examines the relationship between certain subcultures and specific types of chemical abuse, theories of substance abuse/addiction, therapeutic modalities, and substance abuse treatment settings. (Formerly CA 2223)

CC 3013 Multicultural Counseling
The understanding of cross cultural helping relationships and the integration of effective counseling skills with diverse populations, including the study of cultural patterns, communication, and perspectives. The student will develop knowledge of cultural influences that impact the helping relationship.

CC 3023 Community Counseling Theory and Practice
An introduction to the counseling profession, including the study of theoretical foundations, therapeutic practices, and ethical standards and guidelines in helping relationships. The primary objective of this course is to increase the student’s knowledge and skill concerning the methods and techniques in counseling.

CC 3213 Group Dynamics
This course will focus on current topics in group dynamics. Students will explore group dynamics and theoretical foundations of group work.  Students will also acquire the necessary skills to facilitate groups that focus on effective communication, relationship development and problem resolution.

CC 4013 Psychological Testing
The critical study of tests and measurements, and their administration and usage in human service settings. The student will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to administer, score, and interpret instruments used in counseling settings.

CC 4513 Research and Evaluation in Counseling Senior Seminar: Capstone Experience
All graduating seniors are required to take a semester-long, three-credit seminar in which they conduct research on some issue related to a human service setting. This experience is designed to help them learn how to investigate, analyze, and synthesize information about practical, behavioral, and societal issues using skills developed through their program and apply their information to the human service field. Developing written and oral presentations about their research enhances students’ ability to communicate and enter into dialogue with others about such issues. Prerequisite: SBS 3013.