BADM 1203 Introduction to Business
Introductory course for business majors. Survey of basic principles, forms, and practices involved in administration of business. (Formerly BUS 1203)

BADM 2013 Personal Finance
Nontechnical personal finances. Practical applications in budgeting, banking, borrowing, insurance, investment, taxes, home ownership, and family financial planning. May be taken for elective credit only. (Formerly BUS 2013)

BADM 2500 Cooperative Education in Business Administration
Applications of the theories, principles, and methods of business studies in a practical work environment. Students will learn both conceptual and applied approaches to the study of business administration and will be better prepared for a variety of career opportunities in the field. The student may enroll for one to three semester credit hours each semester, not to exceed three semester hours for this level. Prerequisite: instructor’s permission required.

BADM 2843 Business Statistics
An introduction to basic statistical terminology, organization of data, measures of central tendency and dispersions, and application of statistical techniques using business examples and statistical applications software. Includes elementary probability, ampling, estimation, software applications, and a variety of other statistical techniques to prepare the student for upper-level forecasting, linear programming, and multivariate applications. Prerequisite: MATH 1513 or higher. (Formerly BMA 2333 and cross-listed with MATH 2843.)

BADM 3113 Business Communications
Comprehensive view of the communication process in the business environment with emphasis on listening skills; a review of grammar; writing various types of letters, memoranda, electronic messages, employment-related messages, and reports; delivering oral presentations; and developing interpersonal skills. Prerequisite: ENGL 1113. (Formerly BADM/BUS 2523)

BADM 3323 Legal Environment of Business
This course covers the principles of business law for normal business transactions, with emphasis on the judicial system, general contracts, bailments, and sales contracts. (Formerly BUS 3323)

BADM 3333 Business and Professional Ethics
Examination of moral and ethical issues within business and professional environments. In addition to a broad study of ethical behavior and decision making, various professional codes of conduct will be examined. Central to this examination will be the discussion of integrity, independence, and objectivity, as well as legal liability. Prerequisite: MGMT 3013.

BADM 3500 Cooperative Education in Business Administration
Analyzes business information and concepts by combining professional work experience with academic studies. It is a partnership among employers, students, and the University focused on professional practice and vocational exploration. Students have an opportunity to explore their professions and apply principles acquired in the classroom. The student may enroll for one to three semester credit hours each semester, not to exceed three semester hours for this level. Prerequisite: instructor’s permission required.

BADM 3913 Communication Skills for Managers and Professionals
A course designed to develop oral and written skills for managers and professionals. Common problems and solutions will be stressed with an emphasis on practical applications to meet individual needs. (Formerly COMM 3913)

BADM 4333 International Business
Investigates cultural influences, government, and business structures in a global economy through studying trade relations, marketing and promotion, production system, labor contracts, and international finance and accounting. Prerequisite: MGMT 3013.

BADM 4500 Cooperative Education in Business Administration
Integrates the learning that takes place in the classroom with the work experience. Students enrolled in the business programs experience the working environment through a coordinated agreement between the employer, the student, and the School of Professional Studies. The student may enroll for one to three semester credit hours each semester, not to exceed three semester hours for this level. Prerequisite: instructor’s permission required.

BADM 4793 Business Internship
Supervised professional-level business assignment with a business firm, government agency, or not-for-profit agency. Prerequisites: ACCT 2103, ACCT 2203, ECON 2123, BADM 2843, BADM 3113, Junior/Senior standing, and instructor’s permission.

BADM 4803 Accounting and Finance Concepts
This course introduces financial accounting and finance as well as several related quantitative and statistical concepts. Emphasis is on introducing non-business majors to essential accounting and financial tools for managers. Topics covered include: accounting processes and the financial reporting model, time value of money, capital budgeting, financial ratios, standard deviation, and linear regression. Permission required.

BADM 5223 Business Law
Principles of contract law and commercial business transactions with an emphasis on the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

BADM 5233 Critical Thinking and Ethics
Analysis of moral reasoning, critical thinking, and ethical decision making within a managerial framework. Includes specific studies of ethical behaviors within business disciplines, and discussion of various practical ethical benchmarks through detailed examinations of actual ethical dilemmas.

BADM 5973 Special Topics: Business Administration
Graduate seminar or project in an approved area of study. Content will be determined by the specific course offered. Course can be repeated for a maximum of 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: Permission of program director and instructor.