Date Activity
March 9, 2009 Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) Organizational Meeting
March 10, 2009 Mission Subcommittee begins work
April 9, 2009 Mission Subcommittee completes 1st draft of mission and goals
April 13, 2009 Strategic Planning Committee reviews mission and goals with Mission Subcommittee
April 14-17, 2009 Mission and goals vetted by internal stakeholders:

  • Faculty Senate
  • Student Government Association
  • Departments
  • Academic Council
April 20, 2009 Mission Subcommittee completes final draft of Mission and Goals
April 27, 2009 Strategic Planning Committee

  • Review Mission and Goals, forward recommendation to President
  • Review August to December work timeline
August, 2009 Training Sessions begin in Herrington Hall
December, 2009 Strategic Plan submitted to SPC
January, 2010 Strategic Plan completed
March, 2010 Strategic Plan to OU Board of Regents
April 2010 Strategic Plan reflected in budget hearings for FY 2011
July 1, 2010 Strategic Plan effective
September, 2010 Academic Plan reflects Strategic Plan
September, 2010 Assessment Reports reflect new university mission and goals
November, 2013 HLC Self-Study Final Draft to Editor
May 2014 Self-Study Completed
Fall 2014 HLC Site Visit

Meeting Minutes