The purpose of the Organized Research Grant Program at Rogers State University is to provide support for research and scholarly activities. The expected outcomes will be contributions to the institution’s strategic plan in academic innovation in support of research and scholarly activities.

Proposal submissions will now go through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. 

Five Basic Goals of Organized Research at RSU:

  1. To promote faculty interest in research and scholarly activities
  2. To provide support for faculty and student projects in research and scholarly activities
  3. To increase the number of faculty who are engaged in and directing research and scholarly works
  4. To provide more opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research and scholarly activities
  5. To enhance the reputation of RSU in the areas of research and scholarship

It is the intent to distribute a portion of the Organized Research Grant Program by the mechanism of Mini-Grants and Regular Grants. Twice each year an announcement will be sent to faculty to invite proposals for consideration for funding. Anticipated applications deadlines will be mid-September and mid-January. Proposals submitted in response to the general announcement will be designated as Research Proposals, and the area of research or scholarly activity proposed in the application is selected at the discretion of the applicant.

Examples of Funded Projects

Please keep in mind, that as we add different examples of proposals, that it is not all inclusive of topics or scope. These examples are just given as a general guide. We will continue to add more information to help you in your proposal development.

“Analysis of Pesticides and Contaminants of Guano of Endangered Bats of Northeastern Oklahoma” (pdf)Dr. Keith Martin, Assistant Professor

“Dispersal Characteristics of American Kestrels from Nest Boxes in Urban and Suburban Habitats of Rogers County, Oklahoma” (pdf)Dr. Keith Martin, Assistant Professor

External Resources

Available in the Library

  • Proposals That Work: A Guide for Planning Dissertations and Grant Proposals  (2000) Lawrence, F., Spirduso, W., Silverman, S.