The Print Shop prints a variety of materials including forms, class materials, and publications. Please allow an extra day for carbonless forms. In most cases, your copies will be ready in less than 24 hours. Please email your materials to [email protected] for copying and include the following information:

  • quantity
  • stapled or not
  • single sided or front/back
  • grouped (all the same pages together)
  • color or white paper

Our Services

  • Publications:
    The Print Shop also prints a variety of color and black-and-white publications for the RSU campus, including brochures, booklets, posters, and more. Publications that will be distributed off campus must be approved by the Office of Public Relations.

    • allow 4-6 weeks for publication development and graphic design
    • allow 2 weeks for printing depending upon volume of other publication projects
  • Campus Forms:
    We have implemented a Forms Coordination sheet that will help us keep your forms up to date and only have most recent forms in the store. We maintain an adequate supply at all times of all forms for each department with the most recent versions. Each form will contain the following in the lower left corner:

    • department’s account number
    • month of revision
    • year of revision
  • Copier & Printers:
    The Print Shop delivers copy paper on request and is responsible for all maintenance and repair of copiers and printers on campus. Call ext. 7859 to have copy paper delivered or to schedule maintenance or repair of your department’s copy machine.
  • Archiving & Shredding:
    When needing something to be archived, please call ext. 7733. If there is shredding that needs to be picked up, please call ext. 7859 and we will make arrangements to have it picked up.

Policies & Procedures

Contact Us

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Print Shop Assistant

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Mail Room Supervisor