Punch served in a fountainRSU is one of the few locations in and around Tulsa that has a Chocolate Fountain. This is a lovely addition to any special event.

The rental for the fountain is $250.00, which includes the labor to set up and the chocolate for the machine.

The items for dipping are $2.00 per person for such items as fruit, pretzels, marshmallows, and other dippers.

The following items are available for a small rental fee:

Item Fee
Microphone/Podium $ 25.00
Punch Fountain $ 40.00
Screen $ 25.00
Bar Set Up $ 100.00
Hurricane Lamps $ 2.50 each
Dance Floor Set up fee $ 100.00
Outdoor Folding Chairs $ 2.50 per chair
Mirrors 14” Round $ 2.00 each

Powerpoint presentation and video projection equipment also available and priced on an individual basis.

Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase through Sodexo. A licensed bartender must be hired for the event. All refuse from bar must be disposed of in dumpsters provided by RSU.