RSU offers optional encryption for emails that are sent to people outside the University. Please be sure to encrypt any email that includes sensitive information. Please contact the Help Desk if you require any assistance.

Instructions for Encrypting Outgoing RSU Email:

  1. If you need to encrypt an outgoing RSU email you must begin the subject line with the word “Encrypt” (no quotation marks required) followed by the subject. Anyone who receives this email will be prompted through the decryption process. You can only send encrypted email to external email accounts. Encryption cannot be used for internal RSU email.
  2. When a receiver receives their first encrypted email from any RSU user the receiver will be asked to create a decryption account. They must complete this process in order to open the email. It is important that they remember their password for future encrypted email from RSU.
  3. If a receiver has previously set up a decryption account, they will not be required to do that again but will be prompted to enter their decryption password to open the encrypted email. Their decryption account will work for any encrypted email received from any RSU Faculty/Staff account.
  4. When the receiver has successfully logged in the encrypted email will open in a separate internet browser window. This is a normal part of the decryption process.
  5. If the receiver needs to reply to your encrypted email they can reply in two ways:
    • They can reply using their regular email client and the reply email will not be encrypted.
    • They can reply from the browser window that opens after decryption and their reply will also be encrypted. This will require you to register your RSU email address and create a decryption account in order to read their reply. This is a one-time process as mentioned above.
  6. Please contact the ACS Help Desk.