Recycling Bins

The Roger State University Claremore campus has bins located all across campus.

Rogers State University is committed to reducing energy consumption on all campuses, primarily in the form of installing and maintaining energy efficient mechanical systems which have been installed over the years since 2006.

Not only do we want to reduce the “carbon footprint” the University leaves, but in our current economic environment, we also have opportunities to reduce the costs to operate University facilities.

Operation of the heating and air conditioning systems includes remotely controlling the majority of air conditioning and heating systems throughout the University.

During the academic year, system settings have been established to turn on in the mornings so that each building is at normal operating temperatures when faculty and staff begin to arrive.

Dream Machine Kiosk

Rogers State University has partnered with Pepsico to place a Dream Machine recycling kiosk on its Claremore campus. News Release

In the evenings, settings have been established to turn off so that the buildings remain at normal operating temperatures beyond traditional business hours for those that work after hours and so that the buildings are at a comfortable temperature for our students attending evening classes.

These hours vary from building to building, especially the setback times at the end of the day, since some classes are in session until 10:00 p.m.

During the summer months, systems are set to turn off at 6:00 p.m. Adjustments are made for classrooms that have summer classes after 6:00 p.m. Once these adjustments are made throughout the University, we adjust the startup times at the beginning of the day. Individuals may notice that it could be 30-60 minutes after arrival in the morning before an area is at the normal temperature range, depending on the time of arrival on campus in the morning.

Estimates are that this method of monitoring temperature settings will reduce energy consumption by at least 5%. Costs are monitored on a regular basis to verify that energy savings are being realized.

The methodology will have a low impact on comfort to the University community as a whole but will impact the University operating costs significantly.

Computer Energy Management Policy

Pursuant to the recommendation of the Rogers State University Technology Committee, Academic Computing Services adopted a recommendation in 2012 in regards to after hours computing.

Previously, all PCs remain powered up overnight to facilitate the installation of various updates. In an effort to reduce energy use, the practice was changed. The recommendation is all computing equipment (PC, Monitor, Printer, etc.) should be powered off whenever you leave for the day.

In the event that there is a specific update that Academic Computing needs to install overnight, Academic Computing will distribute by email a notification to leave your PC powered up on a specific date. Academic Computing Services and the Technology Committee thank you for your cooperation.

Recycled Materials Report