Lunch Buddies: Rogers State University faculty, staff and students have lunch with Claremont Elementary students to encourage them to focus on their studies and prepare for college on the first and last Tuesday of every month.

I was partnered with an amazing 8 year old boy named Joe. We talked about four-wheelers, sports, and his family, among other things. Joe is very interested in reading and told me about some of the books that he has read. He also told me that he likes coffee quite a bit, but his mom disapproves of his drinking it. He is a very nice kid and I really enjoyed spending his lunch break with him! – Sam Baird, RSU Student

Reading Day: RSU faculty, staff and students read to a classroom or group of kids on the first and last Thursday of every month.

I really enjoyed reading to the kids at Claremont. Having the opportunity to give back to the kids, means a lot to me and our University. The kids at Claremont were awesome! They are going to make great Hillcats someday! – Derek Larkin, Head Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coach

Maintenance Day: RSU physical plant employees assist Claremont school with grounds maintenance and building repairs.

Paws for Pupils: RSU students and faculty provide one-on-one tutoring in math and reading, disciplines in which Claremont students need assistance.

Gym Days: RSU student-athletes instruct Claremont students in athletics, including basketball, soccer, baseball and other sports.

Elementary Education Observation Program:
RSU and Cameron University elementary education majors fulfill requirements for their degree at Claremont.

Supply Drives: Back-to-school supplies and holiday food assistance.

RSU Day: Claremont students spend time on the RSU campus, touring biology labs, RSU Public Television and RSU Radio stations and other academic facilities.

RSU Game Night: Students and families of Claremont Elementary School can attend designated RSU men’s and women’s basketball games free of charge.

RSU Participation in Claremont Events: Including school carnivals, kickball tournament and track and field days.

Class Adoptions: RSU student organizations adopt Claremont classes to provide any assistance needed.