The following are just some of the ways Rogers State University faculty, staff and students have been involved and made a difference for the kids of Claremont Elementary.

Crayola Drive

The Crayola Drive was a huge success! And it would not have been possible without the RSU employees taking the time to donate or help out at one of the fundraisers. A total of 3,011 boxes of Crayola products was donated, including Crayons, Colored Pencils and Markers. We raised over $1,500 that went to purchasing Crayola products with activities that included, Coloring Crayon Fliers, Car Wash, and Snow Cone Sales. The drop off of supplies at Claremont was an exciting day. Lenn Szopinski and his staff from the Physical plant designed an awesome display of the Crayola products. Some of the students of Claremont came by to see the display and have their picture taken. This endeavor has been a huge help to Claremont parents, teachers, students and staff.