Center for Teaching & Learning

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program matches experienced faculty at Rogers State University with new faculty to orient them to RSU, inform them about campus support services, and assist them in the early stages of their academic careers at RSU.

This program is voluntary and is supported and coordinated by the Center for Teaching and Learning and respective departments within the university.

General goals of the mentoring program to help new faculty:

  • Learn about RSU, its facilities, and support resources.
  • Adjust to the new environment and become active members of the university quickly.
  • Address questions, concerns, and special needs in a confidential manner.
  • Gain insight about teaching and career development from a seasoned veteran.
  • Network with other faculty and develop a personal support system within RSU.

Department heads will assign mentors to new faculty and they are encouraged to meet throughout the first two semesters. Various activities will be coordinated throughout the year by the Center for Teaching and Learning and individual departments.

At the end of the second semester mentors can decide if it is necessary to continue the mentoring relationship at the same pace, or on an as needed basis, or conclude it if individual goals have been met.

At any point during the mentoring process, if a mentor and/or new faculty member feels that the relationship is not productive, the respective department head should be informed so that a different mentor can be assigned.