Center for Studies At Large

Boy drawing the landscape in ItalyMission and Purpose

In order to advance international learning, scholarship, respect and leadership, the Center for Studies-at-Large at Rogers State University pursues the following objectives:

  • Encourage globally aware curricula
  • Provide multicultural activities and programs
  • Encourage the continued growth of language programs
  • Encourage cultural and ethnic studies
  • Promote study-at-large and study abroad programs
  • Promote faculty and student exchange programs
  • Encourage professional development
  • Advocate local, state, national and international forums
  • Facilitate international student enrollment

Our purposes are multilayered.

First, we want to create opportunities for students and faculty to learn about cultures and peoples through first hand interaction and experiences.

Second, we want to promote RSU as a regional university with global outreach and goals.

Third, we want to provide opportunities for students interested in service learning to pursue such activities and to realize their role in the broader world.