Center for Studies-at-Large

Fine Arts student in Italy.

In recognition that knowledge, opportunity and understanding transcend national and cultural boundaries, Rogers State University’s Center for Studies-at-Large is committed to providing a globally competitive education.

The Center will work in conjunction with departments and faculty to coordinate the details surrounding student learning trips. 

We encourage faculty who are interested in developing a course to speak with their department head and dean and then talk with us about the logistics of such an undertaking.

We encourage students to make suggestions for future learning opportunities and to discuss all facets of student travel with our office. 

We encourage the broader Green Country community to actively participate in our trips offering Continuing Education credit when appropriate.

Course Credit

A student enrolled in a Studies-at-Large course is earning course credit; therefore, the course will be considered part of the student's enrollment status for determining Title IV financial aid eligibility.

Some of our past opportunities have included:

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Dr. Jim Ford
Director of Honors Program
Baird Hall, Room 101B