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Bea ChangBea Chang

Medical/Molecular Biology Major
Collinsville, OK

“RSU is very challenging and gives me a variety of options for classes.”

I decided to come to RSU because it was close to my home town, Collinsville, and it offers a degree that really interests me. I am majoring in medical/molecular biology and I hope to become a physician’s assistant.

This is my second year to live in the student apartments and I love living on campus. I feel like I am connected to the university. It is a unique experience and makes it extremely convenient to go to all of the on-campus events.

I am involved in the chemistry club, Epsilon Sigma Alpha (a co-ed Greek organization focused on community service), the pre-professional health club and the President’s Leadership Class

Being active in these different organizations has been really helpful. I get to meet a lot of health care professionals because of the science organizations and I get to network with people in the business and non-profit realms through the community service organization.

I have met a wide variety of people at RSU. Some are my age while others are much older. I have met people in just about every major you can imagine and it is all because I am involved. It has made my experience truly diverse.